The Sweetie Belles’ Title Cards - Part 5

((It appears that we never posted Bite Sized’s title card after her intro. Well, that’s now resolved! Apologies for that.

Also, give a warm welcome to our newest member, go-ask-sweetie-belle!))

……..i feel uneasy about this……..

((Human Sweetie Belle and Sweetie Hipster have left the B&B.

Merf, the mod of Sillybelle, has left the B&B, but has allowed Sillybelle to stay.

The Sweet List has been updated accordingly.))

CSB: Finally! Sheesh, I didn’t think it would take that long… =3=

The Sweetie Belles’ Title Cards - Part 4

The Sweetie Belles’ Title Cards - Part 4

It was a loud entrance.

Sweetaloo: Ugh…Remind me to never eat strange green gooey stuff from pots.

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